Privacy policy

The current Privacy Policy establishes that the terms used by BLOOM AGENCY LLC. (The Bloom) protects the information proportioned by its users whilst they use their website. This company compromises with securing the data of its users. When we ask to fill in the personal information blanks which are used to identify you, we do it assuring that it will only be used according to the terms of this document. Nevertheless this Privacy Policy may change or be updated with the passage of time, that is why we recommend and emphasize on reviewing continuously this page, for you to reassure that you agree with the previously mentioned changes.

Requested information

Our website may request personal information such as: name, role, email or telephone number. That way you will be able to send us information that you consider relevant to your concerns.

Use of the requested information

Our website employs information with the goal of providing the best possible service and to improve our services.

BLOOM AGENCY LLC. is extremely compromised in complying with the compromise of maintaining your information secure. We use the most advanced systems and we constantly update them in order to be sure that there are no unauthorized accesses occuring.


A cookie refers to a file which is sent with the goal of requesting access to store itself in your computer, once you accept the file will be created, the cookie is used to obtain information from the web traffic, it also facilitates the future visits to a recurrent web. Another function that a cookie has is that with them the websites may recognize them individually, therefore providing the best personalized service of your web.

Our website uses cookies in order to identify the sites that you visit and how frequently you do so. This information is only used for statistical analysis and afterwards this information is eliminated permanently. You can eliminate the cookies at any time from your computer. Nevertheless the cookies help by offering a better service in the websites, these do not give access to any information of either you or your computer, unless you want it that way by specifying the information. You can accept or reject the use of cookies, nevertheless most of the browsers accept cookies automatically since it helps in providing a better web service. You can also change the settings of your computer so it rejects the cookies. By declining them you may possibly not be able to use some of our services.

Links to third parties

This website may contain links to other websites that could be of interest. Once you click on those and leave our website, we no longer have control over which site you are redirected to and so we are not responsible for the terms, privacy or the protection of your personal data in those third party websites. Said websites are subjected to their own privacy policies and so we recommend you check them to confirm you agree with them.

This company will not sell, yield or distribute any personal information that is collected without your consent, unless it is required by a judge with a court order.

BLOOM AGENCY LLC. Reserves the right to change the terms of the present privacy policy at any given time.